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Since 2004, we have been successfully implementing our modular ideas around the world - for attractive fixed prices with binding delivery dates.

All ADK employees are proud of that.

For us, living sustainably also means passing on our experience and knowledge to the next generation. Therefore apprenticeships and further development for newly qualified employees are very important to us.

We manufacture exclusively in our plant in Neresheim.

We are convinced that the future is the establishment of our new style of living and working spaces.



Robert Kohler • Alexander Danner


ADK Modulraum

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ADK has received the BIM award 2016


From the construction of buildings in modular construction on the financing to energy supply 

everything from one source, all from one company.

Hybrid Modular Construction steel frame designs:

ADK Modulraum GmbH is a leading manufacturer of transportable modules with unrestricted building design. Due to the high level of flexibility, solutions from ADK Modulraum are used all around the world.

Leasing and financing services:

Leasing fairly, financing securely, or renting unbureaucratically. ADK Leasing GmbH offers leasing solutions and financing within the product portfolio of ADK Modulraum GmbH and ADK Gas-Technologies GmbH.


Liquefied natural gas supply systems/filling stations:

ADK Gas-Technologies GmbH specializes in LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) satellite systems. The global alternative energy supply with natural gas for maritime, communal, and industrial applications, as well as the construction of LNG and LCNG filling stations.



The ADK Group is GoldPlus sponsor of 1. FC Heidenheim 1846.

ADK Modulraum was general contractor of the Sparkassen BusinessClub in the Voith Arena.


The ADK Group is since the saison 2009 / 2010 Sponsor of the Augsburger Panther.

The Augsburger Panther are a   founding member the Deutschen Eishockey  Liga (DEL), der highest class of the German ice hockey.