Laboratories and cleanrooms are subject to strict, clearly defined standards.

At the ADK modular construction, both medical and technical areas are already implemented in prefabrication in accordance with national and international regulations.

In the pharmaceutical industry, and especially for security laboratories high protection levels apply.

The ADK modular rooms for laboratory and cleanroom are equipped in accordance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and all national and international standards.

In high-security laboratories with BSL apply 1 to 4 (Biosafety Level) the highest levels of protection.


GMP Apotheke Erlangen

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For technical and physical laboratories high safety standards can be defined.

The ADK modular rooms for laboratory and cleanroom will be planned and created in accordance with the laboratory guidelines BGR 120 and TRGS 526th.

In the semiconductor industry, our modules are manufactured according to ISO 14644 1-4 clean room conditions.