ADK builds center for robot-assisted surgery for Bielefeld Hospital

ADK Modulraum - market leader in the modular construction of operating rooms, made possible, the turnkey extension of the central operating room at Klinikum Bielefeld Mitte, an addition to the existing building, with a total of 11 modules and a gross floor area of 375 m². This was realized quickly and precisely within only 6 months while maintaining the highest standards in terms of safety, hygiene and quality.

The two state-of-the-art operating rooms not only provide a flexible and highly efficient working environment, but also enable the use of the new and innovative "Da Vinci" surgical robot. In the new center for robot-assisted surgery, this will in future support the first-class surgeons in minimally invasive procedures. Doctors and patients can look forward to an optimal surgical environment where their health comes first.

In July, the official handover of the keys took place in the technical center, which was also largely prefabricated in the factory. The technical director of the clinic, Mr. Matthiesen, and Mr. Leier from the clinic's project management department are pleased with this significant step into the future of the clinic and the successful implementation of the joint project.

You can find the report of the clinic here:


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