Inauguration of the SRH Fachkrankenhaus

Exciting discussions and moving moments

The management of the SRH Fachkrankenhaus arranged an all-round successful event.

The inauguration ceremony was characterized by four main points.

On the one hand, all the partners who were involved in the implementation of the new OT department were named and praised for their good work. Special thanks went to ADK Modulraum GmbH, which was represented by one of their managing directors, Mr. Robert Kohler, for the smooth and almost trouble-free implementation of the demanding addition.

In a further round of talks with specialists and clinic management, the special requirements and core competencies of the neurological hospital in the case of traumatic brain injuries were presented and discussed.

A more than moving moment was the open discussion with a former patient, who reported on her suffering and her happy recovery.


The event was concluded with a clinic tour. The special thing about it was that doctors and chief physicians gave personal presentations on the equipment of the individual clinic areas and talked about their daily work.

Finally, there were delicious soups and sweets.

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