As part of a workshop, guests of the WiBU Group and ADK Modulraum visited the recently completed extension of the SRH Hospital in Neresheim.

The new building has 6 storeys. On approximately 2,000 square meters 24 modules were installed, which were completely prefabricated in the ADK factory. After 3 months the keys were handed over.

The SRH Neresheim Hospital has decades of experience in neurological early rehabilitation of patients with severe acquired brain damage. The clinic has an intensive care unit and a neurosurgical operating room. The individual treatment success is ensured by interdisciplinary cooperation of medicine, therapy and nursing.

ADK Modulraum is proven to be the specialist in the construction of modular medical facilities worldwide. 15 years ago, ADK built its first modular operating theater. Since then, ADK has developed an excellent reputation in the construction of operating rooms, wards and laboratories.


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