ADK providing and benefits

Already in the prefabrication ADK Modulraum as general contractor can take over the realization of all providing ranges and the equipment. Thus, ADK is the sole contact person and can hand over the building on turnkey solution.

ADK providing

  • Planning

  • Bare brickwork

  • Interior work

  • Technical building equipment

  • Domestic equipment

  • Logistics / assembly

  • Foundation / site work

More in the building description

Benefits modular construction

  • Short construction time

  • Weather independent process flows

  • Highest degree of prefabrication of all building systems

  • Highest quality of construction

  • Efficiency of energy over EnEV 2016

  • Quality assurance and monitoring in the factory

  • Planning assurance

  • Adherence on schedules

  • No interims costs

  • Sustainability

  • Financial security, bank guarantee, acceptance at the factory

Modular construction versus solid construction

Decisive for almost all the advantages of modular construction compared to the classical construction of buildings is the modular, industrial prefabrication.

The following diagram compares the construction periods of modular construction and solid construction.

It is becoming clear that modular prefabrication can generally reduce the total construction time of the building by 60 percent.