Modular Framework



  • Very high dimensional accuracy due to the industrial prefabrication

  • We only use quality controlled drywall materials in the form of gypsum fiber boards
Steel Construction of the Modules

Steel Construction of the Modules

  • Floor and ceiling frames as steel grid

  • Wall constructions in steel framework construction

  • The modules are welded together from the floor, ceiling frame and the carrying Wall constructions
Floor Construction

Floor Construction

  • Multi-layer floor construction with dry floor elements (with or without impact sound insulation), mineral wool insulation and vapor barrier film

  • Load capacity in the standard up to 5.0 kN/m², up to 10.0 kN/m² with reinforcements in the floor construction, >10.0 kN/m² with steel support plates in the floor construction

  • Fire protection classification: F30 A - F90 A

  • Free choice of floor covering, no construction-related restrictions

  • Floor structure thermally insulated in according to the energy savings and heat protection
External Walls

External Walls

  • Multi-layer external wall construction with gypsum fiber boards, mineral wool insulation and vapor barrier film

  • Fire protection classification: F30 A – F150 A

  • Soundproofing according to DIN 4109

  • Facade: Free choice, all forms and materials for the outside claddings are possible

  • The external wall is thermally insulated according to the EnEV (Energy Saving Ordinance)
Coupling Walls

Coupling Walls

  • Interior walls at the coupling between two modules

  • Multi-layer coupling wall construction with gypsum fiber boards, mineral wool insulation and vapor barrier film

  • Fire protection classification: F30 A – F150 A

  • Soundproofing according to DIN 4109, additional measure for optimal sound insulation: 20mm air gap between the walls of two modules
Ceilings between two Modules

Ceilings between two Modules

  • A ceiling between two modules consists of the ceiling of the lower module and the floor construction of the upper module

  • Multi-layer ceiling construction with gypsum fiber boards, mineral wool insulation and the floor construction as described above

  • Fire protection classification: F30 A – F150 A

  • Soundproofing according to DIN 4109

  • Ceiling thickness approx. 400 – 500 mm
Roof Constructions

Roof Constructions

  • Multi-layer construction with gypsum fiber boards, mineral wool insulation, vapor barrier, slope insulation and EPDM roofing foil

  • The roof surface is thermally insulated according to the EnEV (Energy Saving Ordinance)

  • Flat roof design as “Hard roofing” with roof upstand and attic cover

  • Green roofing is possible

  • Slope insulation made of EPS (expanded polystyrene) or mineral wool

  • All roof shapes are possible and can be realized

  • Fire protection classification: F30 A – F90 A
Interior Walls

Interior Walls

  • Interior walls depending on static requirements as load-bearing steel construction walls or non-load-bearing drywalls

  • Multi-layer interior wall construction with gypsum fiber boards on welded steel profiles or on drywall profiles

  • Fire protection classification: F30 A – F150 A

  • Soundproofing according to DIN 4109

  • Attachment shells in the area of the sanitary rooms or for the covering of supply/disposal lines

Special Versions:

  • Radiation protection (floor, wall, ceiling)

  • Magnetic field protection for MRI

  • Clean room walls and ceilings

  • Accordion Partition

  • Bulletproof walls, doors and Windows

  • Decorative surfaces


  • Execution of various facade systems possible

  • Plaster facades as thermal insulation system with polystyrene or mineral wool insulation

  • Metal facades made of aluminium or steel designed as a wave facade, trapezoidal facade or cassette facade on wooden or metal substructures

  • Facades made of fibre cement panels (e.g. Eternit) and plastic panels (e.g. Trespa)

  • Prefabricated facades made of clinker bricks or mirrored glass

  • Wood facades on appropriate substructures

  • Aluminium glass facades

  • etc.


  • Installation of the windows according to RAL guidelines

  • We install all types of window systems

  • Glazing as thermal insulation glazing according to EnEV (Energy Saving Ordinance) calculation

  • Sun or soundproof glazing possible

  • Aluminum windows

  • Plastic windows

  • Wooden windows

  • Wooden/aluminum windows

  • Fire protection windows F30/F90

  • Radiation protection windows

  • Security windows of all classes

  • Bulletproof windows

  • Clean room windows

  • etc.
Sun Protection

Sun Protection

  • External blind systems or marquise systems

  • Shutters (aluminium, plastic), as top or front shutters

  • Internal vertical blinds or blinds as sun or glare protection

  • Full blackout systems in operating rooms or training rooms

  • Fixed sunshade constructions

  • All systems also possible with electric drives and corresponding controls


  • Installation of all types of interior doors with complete accessories possible

    • Soundproof doors

    • Fire and smoke protection doors (T30, T90)

    • Radiation protection doors

    • Security doors

    • OP sliding doors

    • Laboratory doors

    • Clean room doors

    • Automatic doors

    • Detention room doors/high security doors

    • Bulletproof doors

    • High-speed doors/sectional doors

  • Installation of all types of door materials asexterior and interior doors possible

    • Aluminium doors

    • Plastic doors

    • Wooden doors

    • Steel doors

    • All-glass doors

  • Escape door systems incl. controls

  • Lock doors with lock controls


  • Installation of all stair shapes possible

  • Use of all materials (concrete, steel, wood) possible

  • Execution of all stair coverings (coating, plastic coverings, stone and tile coverings, etc.)

  • Equipping the stairways with RWA Systems

  • Exterior stairs made of galvanized steel (escape stairs)

  • Stairways in fire protection class F90-A possible


Flooring Work

Flooring Work

  • Installation of all types of resilient floor coverings (PVC, linoleum, rubber)

  • Installation of floor coverings as conductive coverings in IT, OP, EDP or clean rooms

  • Execution of all types of plinth formations (fitted plinth, baseboards, chaise baseboards)

  • Textile floor coverings (e.g. carpets, needle fleece)

  • Wooden floors for example as parquet or plank floors

  • Floor coatings (as acid protection or leakage protection according to WHG)

  • All types of stone floors

  • Cavity or double floor constructions
Painting Work

Painting Work

  • Wall and ceiling coverings made of glass fiber, woodchip wallpaper or paint fleece

  • Wall coverings made of elastic coverings (PVC, PVC plank covering, rubber)

  • Paints made from solvent-free dispersion or latex paints

  • Cleanroom coatings according to GMP standard

  • Antibacterial or decorative coatings

  • Acoustic coverings or writable coverings
Tiling Work

Tiling Work

  • Installation of all types of floor tiles (stoneware, ceramic tiles, natural stone tiles, acid-resistant tiles). The tiles can also be laid on a slope

  • Formation of watertight trays in the wet Areas

  • Installation of all types of wall tiles (stoneware, ceramic tiles, natural stone tiles, acid-resistant tiles)

  • Installation of base tiles

  • Special seals and special grouts possible
Suspended Ceilings

Suspended Ceilings

  • Installation of all types of suspended ceilings

    • Grid ceilings made of mineral fibre or metal plates

    • Acoustic ceilings or acoustic baffles, fleece blankets

    • Long field ceilings made of mineral fibre or metal plates

    • Fire protection ceilings as a grid or long field panels

    • Plasterboard ceilings closed or perforated

    • Suspended clean room ceilings according

    • Clean room ceilings according to GMP standard

    • Heavy duty ceilings for fixing devices

    • Decorative ceilings and design ceilings

Technical Building Facilities

Electrical Installations

Electrical Installations

  • Installations run "under plaster", parapet channels and floor channels flush with the wall and floor possible

  • Use and installation of all desired products

  • Main and subdistribution

  • Construction of AV, SV and ZVS networks

  • Installation equipment

  • Lighting systems

  • Security lighting

  • Bus technology, lighting controls

  • Telephone installations and telephone systems

  • EDP installations and IT systems, WLAN

  • Fire alarm systems

  • Antenna systems

  • Clock systems

  • Burglar alarm systems

  • Mobile phone detection

  • Video surveillance systems

  • Lock controls

  • Access control

  • ELA installations and ELA systems

  • PSA installations and PSA systems

  • Light call installations and light call systems

  • Lightning protection systems according to DIN
Heating Installations

Heating Installations

  • Heating cables are executed "under plaster", base design is possible

  • Installation of heating systems of all kinds (e.g. gas, pellets, oil)

  • Heating via heat pumps or CHP

  • Radiators and accessories, underfloor heating

  • Heating and cooling ceilings

  • Wall heaters

  • Heating regulations and controls
Sanitary Installations

Sanitary Installations

  • Running pipes are executed "under plaster" according to DVGW

  • Water and sewage pipes made of different materials possible

  • Sanitary fittings and accessories of all desired makes

  • Sanitary accessories (e.g. soap or towel dispenser) of all makes

  • Disinfectant mixing devices and bedpan sinks

  • Water treatment plants

  • Individual room ventilation (WC and bathrooms)

  • Fire suppression systems (fire extinguishing and sprinkler systems)

  • VE water

  • High-purity water supply
Ventilation System

Ventilation System

  • Loading / air-exhausters and cooling systems for

    • Offices

    • Medical- and investigation rooms

    • MR / CT building

    • Industrial rooms

    • etc.

  • Air conditioning Systems for

    • Operating Theatre stations

    • Offices
    • Intensive care units

    • Central sterilization

    • Clean room building

    • Laboratory Building

    • etc.
  • According to guidelines DIN, KHR, GMP, etc.
Building Control

Building Control

  • Building Control

  • Measurement, control and regulation technology

  • Installation of all makes possible (e.g. Honeywell, Schneider Electric, Saya, Siemens, etc.)
Technical Gas Installations

Technical Gas Installations

  • Installations are executed "under plaster"

  • Process gases incl. accessories

  • Laboratory gas installations incl. accessories

  • Compressed air installations
Medical Gas Supply

Medical Gas Supply

  • Installations are executed "under plaster"

  • Installations according to the requirements of the MPG (Medizinproduktegesetz) in accordance with the EG-Directive 93/42/EEC

  • Gas centrals

  • Distribution network for medical gases

  • Removal points according to DIN EN 737-1 and DIN 13260 T2

  • Installations in ceiling and wall supply units

  • Control and shut-off valves according to DIN EN 737-3

  • Warning systems


  • Versions as hydraulic lifts or cable lifts

  • Lifts with or without machine rooms

  • Passenger lifts as standard lifts or bed lifts

  • Freight lifts and lifting equipment

  • Reinforced elevator shafts

  • Smoke extraction equipment




  • Fixed installations, e.g.

    • Kitchens

    • Built-in wardrobes such as nursing, patient or pharmacy cabinets

    • Reception desks, filing cabinets, work surfaces

    • etc.

  • Loose furnishings
Operating Theatre Equipment

Operating Theatre Equipment

  • Ceiling supply units, monitor support

  • Surgical lights

  • Operating tables

  • OT furnishings

  • OT washing series

  • Surgical equipment

  • X-ray film viewer, radiation protection booths

  • Re-bedding facilities

  • etc.
Laboratory Equipment

Laboratory Equipment

  • Laboratory equipment (fume hood, hazardous substance cabinets, sterilizers, etc.)

  • Laboratory furniture

  • Laboratory devices

  • etc.
Equipment for Sterilization Departments

Equipment for Sterilization Departments

  • Sterilizers

  • Furnishing

  • Transport containers

  • Packing tables

  • etc.
Facilities for MRI-Buildings

Facilities for MRI-Buildings

  • HF cabins

  • Shields

Planning Services

Planning Services

Planning Services

  • Planning and support throughout all phases of the HOAI

  • Factory and detailed planning

  • TGA planning

  • Examinable building and foundation statics

  • Static testing

  • Thermal insulation certificate according to EnEV

  • Sound and fire protection certificates

  • Hygiene measurements

Logistics and Assembly

Logistics and Assembly

Logistics and Assembly

  • Transportation of the modules to the construction site

  • International transport including customs clearing

  • Corresponding mobile cranes put up the modules at your site

  • Complete transport and crane logistics by ADK

  • Rainproof assembly of the modules on the construction site by our trained staff in the shortest possible time

  • Final Assembly immediately after the installation of the modules
Handover to the Costumer

Handover to the Costumer

  • Acceptance and testing by experts

  • Pre-acceptance and acceptance with costumers and specialist planners

  • Handing over to the costumer

  • Documentation / Revision documents

Foundation and Construction Site Work

Foundation and Construction Site Work

Foundation and Construction Site Work

  • The modules can be supported by floor plates, strip or point foundations. It is also possible to seat the modules on removable heavy load plates, depending on existing building conditions, building loads and requirements

  • If required, special foundations can also be created (e.g. bored piles, vibrating stuffing piles, etc.)

  • Steel or concrete substructures and elevations, with or without fire protection Panels

  • Basement floors are made of concrete, masonry or precast concrete

  • Connection to existing Buildings

  • The complete construction site logistics and construction site work can be provided by ADK Modulraum