Completely equipped and installed in prefabrication.

That means shortest construction time.

Further information on planning and construction processes is shown in our general system view.

Of course,   the planning and equipment of the data center will be realized according to your specific requirements.

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Cooperation ADK Modulraum and ICT Facilities

ADK Modulraum GmbH, in cooperation with ICT Facilities GmbH, offers in area and power five different layouts in modular design.



PRIME Data Center - Footprint Series
Standard Sizes


  • Type FP 15
    15 m², 3 IT-Racks, 30 kW

  • Type FP 30
    30 m², 8 IT-Racks, 60 kW

  • Type FP 45
    45 m², 14 IT-Racks, 105 kW

  • Type FP 75
    75 m², 28 IT-Racks, 180 kW

  • Type FP 100
    100 m², 44 IT-Racks, 300 kW


  • Central production

  • High degree of prefabrication

  • Exact construction

  • Interim acceptance and validation


  • Shorter construction times (30-50 percent faster)

  • Lower overall project costs (up to 30 percent)

  • Fast Return On Investment

  • Subsequent extension possible

*  compared to conventional construction