ADK Modulraum – Presentation of the modular design

ADK Modulraum GmbH is a global leader in the modular construction sector and provides quality modular building solutions especially in the medical and pharmaceutical fields as well as in commercial buildings, schools and children's gardening and hotel construction.

Modular buildings based on a load-bearing steel frames and the following drywall installation without retarding drying times. In the production we use the security and weather independence of the industrial construction in our own halls. We assume if desired, complete project management and coordinate the various trades.


ADK Modulraum – Presentation of the modular design



Delivery of the 16 modules of the Sparkassen BusinessClub 1. FCH Heidenheim at location site

It took only two days for the assembly of the extension of the VIP area of the Voith Arena

ADK Expansion of the Sparkassen Business Club of the 1. FC Heidenheim

16 sword transporters deliver 16 large-scale modules from Neresheim to the Voith Arena in Heidenheim

Assembly of dental practices Dr. Diemer, Ellwangen

Construction for the final assembly of the 12 fully equipped room modules to a 4-storey building

Holiday Inn Express in Voronezh/Russland

First Hotel in modular design in Russia.

Education center of Helios HSK in Wiesbaden.
Completely new building in only 2 days.

Thanks to the use of the technique of modular design the new training center of the Helios HSK Wiesbaden has been created within a very short time.

The entire building consists of modules. The time saving is enormous at similar cost compared to a conventional design. Two full days to take the final construction of the entire building. For the prefabrication of 22 modules in our own factory by ADK Modulraum just 4 weeks were needed without disturbing the action of the weather. The elements are steel structures, weighing 15-22 tons. Per truck they were transported from Neresheim to the 300 km away Wiesbaden. Windows, door frames and even radiators are already assembled. The training center is to be inaugurated in November at the latest.

Erlangen Krankenhaus-Apotheke

GMP Pharmacy für die Universitätsklinik in Erlangen.

Two-storey pharmacy building for the production of cytostatics and parenteral use. Scope: Design and turnkey construction of the building, including metal wall systems, home automation, monitoring, workbenches, locks and qualification.

In building the room classes D - B exist.

Two-storey MRT building in Yekaterinburg / Russia

In Yekaterinburg, a building was erected to where the first and most powerful magnetic resonance tomography (3.0 mT) to accommodate Russia. Total area of the building is 370 square meters and consists of 8 modules, which were produced at the factory of the moduli space GmbH ADK and were transported to Russia in the finished state. The assembly lasted only three months.