- Planning Reliability
- Cost Security
- Adherence to Schedules
- Supreme Construction Quality

Choose between individual planned or standardized buildings.
Realize your project with the modular construction of ADK – the optimal solution for office buildings!

Completely prefabricated buildings ex factory – the fundamental advantage

ADK Modulraum Individual

Merck Darmstadt

Freely planned buildings in modular construction
architectural ambitious – unique – limitless

In collaboration with the architects, the specialized team of ADK develops corresponding ground plans for the new building. Almost every architectural arrangement can be realized in modular construction – so adjustments in the first plans are unnecessary. The modules are prefabricated up to 90% in the factory. Thereby we achieve extremely short construction times. As a result the modular construction is the most economical way to build.

ADK OPTIMA1203 Standard

ADK Modulraum Office Modular Design
Sample house Neresheim BW

OPTIMA1203 is an innovative development of ADK.
super fast – super cheap – absolute high-grade

Develop the floor plan of your new office building together with us - with just 5 basic modules to save money and time. Furthermore you can choose between many equipment variations and  create your own style. ADK  takes care of the complete implementation of the new office building - from the plan to the hand-over of keys. This safes added resources of your company. OPTIMA1203 is extendible and mobile.